Chilli Powder

Powder is the finest form of leaf or a seed obtained by crushing the seed or leaf over a longer time. We crush the seed and we clean the seed for the powder to give the client a fresh aroma and healthy food products. The powder is hygienically product under several levels to give rich taste and great texture.  Organic chilli powder is prepared in labs for manufacturing tablets and medicines. Red chilli is most daily used chilli powder; we export good testy and quality chilli powder. 

Chilli Powder is made of a mix of various ingredients consisting of: dried ground chilli peppers, cumin, garlic and oregano. Not to be confused with “Chile Powder" which is simply dried and ground Chile Peppers? Many people enjoy making their own chilli powder blends, but you can find an abundance of Chilli Powders commercially available.

Pure chili powder or ground chilies,which most often do not contain added ingredients, are available from specialty spice stores. These seasonings consist only of ground or powdered chiles and are added to recipes suggesting the use of seasonings without the additional ingredients. All types of chili powders add flavor and heat to ethnic dishes. When a recipe includes “chili powder" it is the common powder that is being suggested, unless it states that a specific type of chili powder, such as jalapeno chili powder or if it states ground chili.

Commonvarieties of chilies used for the powder are Anchor, Cayenne, Chipotle, New Mexico, and Pasilla chilies. Anchor, New Mexico and Pasilla chili powder provides a mild to moderately spicy taste with a fruity flavor that goes well
in stews, sea foods, meat rubs, meat dishes, grilled meats, meat and bean chilies, bean dishes, mole sauces, guacamole, taco, burritos and tamale fillings, or other similar foods. Typically, the Anchor, New Mexico and the Pasilla powders will contain other spices. Chipotle and Cayenne powders, which are most often pure chili powders without other spices added, are much spicier and provide significantly more heat to a food dish. The Chipotle and Cayenne chile powders provide a more earthy taste that enhances the flavor of some barbecued meats and sauces, marinades, grilling rubs, dips, soups, hot and spicy stews or meat chilies, and roasted vegetables or potatoes.